International Scientific Conference "Archeology of the Arctic"
November 19-23, 2017


Archaeological news

Mannermaa K., Girya E.Yu., Gerasimov D.V. An ornamented antler artefact (6200 CAL BC) from Lepaa, southern Finland – ceremonial or everyday use?

Murashkin A.I., Kiseleva A.M. Bone tools dynamics of evolution in Northern Fennoscandia (the Neolithic – early metal ages).

Vaskul I.O. Early iron age ceramics with channels in the territory of the European North-East (last 1st millennium BC – first half of the 1st millennium AD).

Myrigin A.M. Ceramic production of the Iron age circumpolar population in the North Cis-Ural – traditions and innovations.

Belitzkaya A.L. Podty 7 settlement (2016 season findings).

Tupakhina O.S. Ornitomorphic idol on eneolithic ceramics (West Siberian Polar region)

Gusev Al.V. Zeleny Yar necropolises (the 9th – 10th ; the 13th centuries AD)

Kosinskaya L.L. The Neolithic sites complex in Uvyr-Pai tract.

Vizgalov G.P. Archaeological data about Russian population of the Siberian Arctic and Subarctic.

Tkachev A.A. Archaeology studies in the lower reaches of the Taz river.

Chikunova I.Yu. Middle age ceramics complex of Ust-Vfsjegan fortress (2013-2015).

Poshekhonova O.E., Berlina S.V., Piezonka H., Kirleis W., Lorenz S., Marchenko Zh. V., Rud A.A. Upper Taz selkups archaeology and ethno-archaeology research perspectives.

Orekhov A.A. Hearths and ovens the maritime cultures of the North-East Asia (3500 – 1000 Y.A.)

Dneprovsky K.A. Old eskimo houses of the Ekven and Paipelsgak sites.

Zelenskaya A.Yu. Bone burin handle from Ust-Belaya (barrow 15) occupation site and the problem of the handles classification in the cultures of the Far East North and the North of the Pasific.

Heritage: preservation, popularization

Boyarsky P.V., Elchaninov A.I., Baryishev I.B., Gusev S.V., Kuliev A.A., Paramonova A.A. Section “Cultural, religious and natural heritage” in the National Arctic Atlas.

Ermolov E.O. Archaeological heritage of the “Russian Arctic” National park.

Derzhavin V.L. Why Spitsbergen is not Swalbard.

Chochorowsky J. Monumental pomor Crosses in Spitsbergen.

Verbin O.G. The Kola Oleny ostrov burial site studies (1924-2005).

Zherebtsov I.L. The ILLA Komi RC UB RAS research projects in the Arctic zone of the European North-East.

Karapetova I.A. The nenets sacred places materials in the collection of Russian Ethnography Museum.

Pavlenok K.K., Fedorova N.V. The study and preservation of archaeological sites in Yamal-Nenets autonomous district: perspective directions.

Mazurin A.B. A memorial at the end of the Earth: new facts in the history of the Leningrad ethnographer Natalia Kotovshchikova’s death and burial in the North of Yamal in 1929.

Strogova E.A. Russian Arctic: problems of study and cultural heritage preservation (on the materials from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)).

Bronstein M.M. Ancient eskimo art in Chukotka: research perspective.

Gusev S.V. Archaeological heritage: specifics of preservation, study and use under the permafrost conditions.

Frohlich B., Hunt D. Aleut (Unangan) mortuary practices: reinterpretation of reported cessation of traditional practices by Russian/American control.

Chistyakova A.N. Arctic studies in the People’s Republic of China: objectives and trends.