International Scientific Conference "Archeology of the Arctic"
November 19-23, 2017

The ILLA Komi RC UB RAS research projects in the Arctic zone of the European North-East.

I.L. Zherebtsov

Institute of language, literature and history, Komi RC, Ural branch of RAS, Syktyvkar




The Arctic studies topic is one of the priorities in the research program of the Institute of Language, Literature and History, Komi RC, Ural branch of RAS and fits perfectly in the general scope of its academic research work. Beginning from 1960s our archaeologists, ethnographers, and folklore students have been actively involved in field studies in the Arctic region. The Institute's researchers have performed a series of studies of the Komi participation in the North of Eurasia development, building of industry in the Arctic zone of the European North-East. In 2014 we completed two projects under the UB RAS targeted fundamental studies program "The Arctic: Colonization of the Arctic zone of the Pechora region in Antiquity and in the Middle Ages", and "Inter-cultural contacts and the cultural boundaries construction in the European north of Russia: inter-ethnic conflicts monitoring and assessment of the civil consolidation potential".Beginning from 2015 the Institute's specialists work on UB RAS fundamental research projects "Strategies and Practices of the European Arctic colonization: local and cross-cultural processes in historical dynamics" and "Social and cultural processes and social risks in the Arctic and the Subarctic regions of the Russian north".

The Institute has a significant experience of international and interdisciplinary cooperation on problems related with various aspects of the Arctic region colonization, the study of the traditional culture of the indigenous ethnic groups, the impact of industrial development on the Arctic and their culture, as well as modern ethnic development processes. Thus the archaeologists together with the Dutch, Norwegian, and French archaeologists and geologists worked on the project involving the study of the initial colonization of the north of Europe. The ethnographers in cooperation with the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge  studied the traditional culture of the Izhem nomadic herders. Together with the Syktyvkar University and the North British Columbia University, Canada we have implemented the "Circumpolar ethnographic field school" project. Two international projects have been implemented recently: International interdisciplinary project (BARCOM) "Human health and local communities impact factors in the Barents Sea region - knowledge, communication, decision making" (Tromse University, Norway; Northern federal University, Arkhangelsk; the Kola RC RAS; the Komi RC UB RAS. Coordinator from the Komi RC -  E.R. Boiko, post-doctoral degree in medicine; ILLA participants - А.А. Popov, post-doctoral degree in medicine; K.V. Istomin, PhD in History) and "Sustainable development and oil and gas production: the companies' and the local population's perceptions in Northern Norway and in the Russian Arctic" (supervisors: Dr. Ilan Kelman, Dr. Julia Lo Menon (University College, London); Russian participant -  K.V. Istomin, PhD in History)

All the above is an evidence of the fact that the ILLA may with good reason be considered one of the leading organizations specializing in the Arctic studies.

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