International Scientific Conference "Archeology of the Arctic"
November 19-23, 2017

Geological and geomorphological preconditions to the search of Paleolithic sites in the wale of the Ob river.

I.D. Zolnikov, A.V. Vybornov, A.A. Kartozia, V.S. Slavinsky,

A.A. Tsybankov, A.V. Postnov, S.K. Vasiliev

Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, SB RAS, Novosibirsk




Recently the north of West Siberian Plain was considered as the region of little promise for the search of archaeological sites, older than Holocene, because stratigraphic paleogeographic conception, which suppose that this territory was covered by vast icecap and ice-dam Mansiyskoe lake during the last global cooling MIS-2 (24 – 12 kya) was predominant. However, the Paleolithic sites and occurrences with megafauna remains situated in anatomic position were found in the most deep areas of hypothetic Mansiyskoe lake at the turn of XXI century. Also revised sediments of landscape form situated in lower position related to modern river level in sublatitudinal Ob region show that geological evidence of Mansiyskoe lake are absent, but polyfacial sediments of subaerial complex widely spread. What about the north of  Western Siberia, the modern stratigraphic and geochronological data evidence that the Late Pleistocene ice sheet, with a center in the Karsk shelf, was older than 60-90 kya and can be correlated with MIS-4 and cold substages of MIS-5.

According to this data the forecasting, showing the perspectives of the survey on  Paleolithic sites in the North of region are on the table. The basis of such forecasting can be consisted to reconstruction of paleogeographic boundaries of asynchronous glaciations and associated ice-dam lakes, material of state mapping showing the presence/absence of lithic raw material, geological and geomorphological data on well paleolandscape conditions for human being, paleontological indicators evidenced on food resource procurement, and the general conditions of availability for researching. Geological archaeological 2016 campaign if IAET SB RAS allowed to give an hypothesis about the perspective of sublongitudinal part of Ob River from the creek of Irtysh River to the creek of Ob River. The materials from Belogorsk upland support the occupation of this region by the Upper Paleolithic human population. The most friendly environment for searching of Paleolithic sites is in the towpaths and landscape form situated in lower position related right bank of Ob River and in the creeks of her tributaries.


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